Ravenwood Marketing specializes in performance-based Internet marketing programs that help companies sell products and generate sales leads over the web. We only get paid when we make a sale or deliver a qualified sales lead.

How do we do it? We use our extensive search engine marketing expertise with pay-per-click engines like Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. We've built thousands of search campaigns across hundreds of market segments, and managed extremely large keyword portfolios. We also have vast experience with online affiliate programs, and in a few special cases we provide consulting on big-picture Internet marketing strategies.

We're a quiet, low profile company that doesn't like to hold long phone calls or write lengthy reports. We�d rather spend all of our time inventing creative new ways to bring new business to our clients. We only get paid when we succeed.

But there's a catch...

Because we are very busy, and because we share both risk and reward with our clients, we have to be extremely selective about the clients we are able to assist. If we aren't able to help you accomplish your online business goals, we may be able to recommend a company better suited to your particular situation. But please don't take it personally. We'd love to work with each and every company that seeks us out but that isn't possible right now.

If you'd like us to evaluate whether we can assist you with growing your online business, please click here


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